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 I enjoy making little christmas gifts… 🙂 This pattern is really good for a growing baby. The ribbing makes the vest really stretchy, so if you knit it as long as possible, it will fit for a long time. It is best knitted in wool yarn. As for the pattern, it is a Danish one I found on the net. I know that you can find similar patterns on Ravelry..

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Ingen bønn i 2010! Garnlageret skal slankes 10 kg:

Garnforbruk i januar:
ca 700gram
- 1 sort selskapstopp, en blå heklelue, 1 par grønne/blå raggsokker, et par hvite pusesokker, et par sorte sokker i babyull, 1 par lace-sokker

Innkjøpt i januar:
800 gram
er altså 100g i minus foreløpig!!!